Shoe Repairing

Suede sole dance shoes replacement


We will advise you whenever your sole is used and needs to be replaced. It depends on the quality and the way you brush your shoe sole. A visit to our shop can teach you the proper care and brushing for your dance shoe needs. (For men and women).


Inside sole replacement


When the inside sole of your shoe is too worn and flattened, we can replace it for you. We use either a high quality leather or microfiber sole, while padding the bottom as well. (For men and women).


Sole cutting


Since every foot is unique, we can cut the length of the sole for the fit to be perfect. (For women)


Shoe ajustment


Since every foot is unique, we can adjust the front part of the shoe to make it fit perfectly. (For men and women)

Sole oil treatment 


When the sole of your shoe is difficult to brush, an oil treatment is recommended. (For men and women)

Interior and exterior shoe cleaning


We can remove and clean the dirt that accumulates inside and outside of your dance shoe, using cleaning products and fresheners. (For women)


Belts and straps


We can easily change your old belts and straps that have been worn down. We have a variety of colors and materials for all styles. (For women)


Buckles and hooks


Whether you have a hook, a loop or a regular shoe buckle on your dance shoes, sandals, etc. We can easily replace them. (For women)

Suede heel


If your heels have gotten too slippery, we will add suede for additional comfort and stability. (For women)

Sole height adjustment


If your sole is completely deformed due to excessive wear and tear, we can level it off for you or replace it. (For women) 

Satin & Leather dying


To modify or improve the appearance of your shoes, we offer a wide variety of custom satin and leather dyes. (For women)

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