Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional dancer in Line Dancing, Social, Salsa, Argentine Tango and other styles of dance, Prodanse has something for all dancer’s needs. Our main goal is to find a shoe that is both comfortable and fitted for your feet, so that you can dance for hours!


I always used to wish I could dance barefoot because dance shoes never fit over my bunions without really hurting. Then I had Dayan make me a pair of custom shoes. Wow! What an experience! It wasn’t just about measurements- being a professional dancer as well as a shoe expert, Dayan discussed and understood my dance needs and constructed my shoes literally from the bottom up to meet those needs.

The result? Amazing! Wow! My feet and my shoes are no longer at war! My feet don’t hurt, I’m way more stable, and my body position is way more forward, the way it’s supposed to be. And because the shoes hug my feet so well and are so flexible, I can point my feet like never before!

Honestly, these shoes brought an instant improvement in my dancing! And did I mention they look great enough to compete in?

Arlene Taveroff   - Competitor dancer

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